Auckland's Original Minigolf - And still the MOST FUN

Auckland city’s number one brand in Mini Golf, Lilliputt has four very distinct entertainment venues with unique experiences.  Lilliputt at 3 Tamaki Drive, Lost in Time in the Lower Basement of the Metro Centre Queens Street, and now two brand new venues Ice Age Mini Golf in Hamilton and Around the World Mini Golf at Sylvia Park, whether young or old will Lilliputt Mini Golf will cater to everyone’s entertainment needs.

So if the sun is out and you and the whole family want to be outside near the spectacular Waitemata Harbour Auckland's Original Mini Golf on Tamaki Drive is the ideal place with 36 holes with challenging fun for all skill levels enjoy brilliant views of the water while the kids show you a thing or two about Mini Golf. Only a few minutes from down town this is the ideal weekend or holiday family day out.

Perhaps the weather is poorer or you just need to take the family a place where all entertainment is in one spot, or you have some time to burn between lecturers and want some friendly competition Lost in Time in the Metro Centre (Imax Building) on Queen St is Lilliputt’s latest offer in the mini golfing experience which is guaranteed to leave you in awe. Lost in Time will take you on an 18 hole journey through time, so if being on the battlefield or walking with Dinosaurs sounds enticing then be prepared!

Heading to Hamilton be sure to check out Ice Age Mini Golf Level 1 Centre Place 501 Victoria, hunt Mammoth and Wooly Rhino through the snow with the cave man and avoid some hungry predators like the mighty Sabre Tooth Tiger.

The latest in Mini Golf is Lilliputts Around the World Mini Golf at Sylvia Park, take a trip to the far corners of the earth visiting monuments like Mt Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower but watch out for the King of the beasts the Lion in Africa. Around the world is more than just 18 holes of Mini Golf its an epic journey.

Lost in Time Mini Golf T Rex